Product Aftercare

Montane clothing and equipment is built to last. We have designed our products to endure the harshest of conditions on a range of fast-paced adventures. But regular, extended use in the outdoors eventually takes a toll on your favourite outdoor gear…

Whether scuffed and stained or beginning to wet out and not keep you protected from passing downpours, there are several issues you may encounter after putting your kit through its paces in the mountains. With this in mind, we are eager to encourage and support you to take better care of your Montane products. By doing so we can ensure their optimum performance, and keep your most trusted and treasured Montane gear in action for years to come.

Firstly, all Montane garments, packs and accessories come with care labels attached internally, containing fabric composition and wash care instructions specific to the product. For more detailed and unique instructions dependent on the product, including how to wash and care for your favourite Montane gear, follow the links below to discover more.

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Wash Care Label Guide

Wash Care Label Guide

The first place to check when considering product aftercare is the internal care labels provided. These are found on all Montane garments, packs and accessories. But what do the symbols mean? For those unfamiliar, see our informative graphic featured here for a quick overview.


<i>Should I wash my Montane gear regularly?</i>

Should I wash my Montane gear regularly?

We don’t advocate washing your Montane clothing and equipment more than is needed, to help minimise excessive water and energy use. You should hopefully get many wears out of your clothing and equipment before its first wash. We encourage washing your garment if it is dirty, or you notice it is no longer performing how it did when you first purchased it.

<i>Why aftercare is so important?</i>

Why aftercare is so important?

We are committed to considered long-term thinking, that’s why we are passionate about extending the lifetime of your product. Extending the use of your favourite gear effectively diminishes the impact associated with its production. Not only that, it reduces the need to replace your gear, in turn helping to reduce global waste.

Montane Repair Service

Montane Repair Service

Still finding issues after following the wash and care instructions, or have another product issue you need help with? From down jacket patches, to zip replacements, our trusted team of in house experts are on hand to help! Simply fill out the online form to get started.