We're committed to protecting the great outdoors

Our products are made for wild and extreme environments, so we’re passionate about the survival and ongoing maintenance of these places. For example through our support of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, and annual donations to the Lake District’s Fix the Fells programme, we’re doing what we can to help protect the landscapes that we cherish.

European Outdoor Conservation Association

As a proud member of EOCA for several years now, we help support conservation projects all over the world. EOCA supports valuable conservation work by raising funds from within the European Outdoor sector and promoting care and respect for wild places.

George Fisher Tea Round

The Tea Round is an inspiring 30-mile route covering over 12,000ft of elevation. It starts and finishes at the doors of George Fisher in Keswick - a great alternate running challenge, or for those eager to explore some of the finest landscapes in the Lake District.

In 2021, we teamed up with the Tea Round to match fund the donations generated by those who complete the run. These donations help support the work of Fix the Fells (see below for more on their incredible work!)

Fix The Fells

Introducing the Lake District’s unsung heroes! Fix the Fells is an organisation dedicated to caring for the extensive network of mountain paths across the National Park. Their invaluable work helps to reduce erosion, protecting this iconic landscape.

We’ve been in awe of this team’s amazing work for many years, supporting them via the George Fisher Tea Round, as well as donating our Black Friday budgets to them in recent years.

BMC Climate Project

The Climate Project is an environmental campaign set up by the British Mountaineering Council in conjunction with Moors for the Future, as a way to help combat the climate crisis. The project supports work which protects peat moorlands around the UK.

To date, we have donated over £25,000 to The Climate Project. These donations go towards the planting of sphagnum moss, which is especially good at capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

Lunchtime Litter pick

Removing litter helps to ensure environments are safe spaces for wildlife - in turn helping local ecosystems to thrive. It’s a simple way to improve the green spaces on your doorstep!

At Montane our team is passionate about doing what we can to help, that’s why we carry out regular lunchtime litter picks around our HQ office based in Northumberland.

Cycle Scheme

We believe in encouraging our team to live an active and healthy lifestyle. One way we help to support this within our workforce is by Montane being signed up to the Cycle Scheme, which reduces and spreads the cost of buying a new bike and cycling equipment.

To help further encourage our team members to swap their daily commute for a bike ride, we also have a safe and secure bike shelter, showers and lockers at Montane’s Ashington headquarters.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to being transparent with consumers as this journey continues, so you are well informed and confident about the origin of your Montane products. Head back to our main page or find out more on our other pillars: