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Ambassador Review: The Fireball Jacket with Tom Newberry

Montane Ambassador Tom Newberry took the Fireball Jacket scrambling up the West Flank of the Eiger to approach the Mushroom....Read more

Ambassador Review: The Fireball Jacket with Katy Parrott

I recently took the Fireball on a micro-adventure in the Wye Valley. It's such a versatile jacket so I used it as both an outer layer and a mid layer....Read more

Ring of Steall
Exploring Ben Nevis ~ Find Your Alive

Kat is a Montane Ambassador, Mountain Leader, and avid outdoorsperson. Kat writes about her experience with Howard Dracup, Montane Ambassador and  their journey in the Highlands for our Find Your...Read more

Lorg Do Bheò
('Find Your Alive' in Gaelic)

We followed Montane Ambassador Tom Newberry on his recent trip to the Scottish Isle of Arran, for our recent campaign photoshoot for Find Your Alive. Tom is motivated by a desire to...Read more

Dragon's Back Race - Meet Team Montane

Now a day longer, country-spanning event, the first Montane Dragon’s Back is a bigger and tougher beast than it has ever been.  However, we’ve put together a group of homegrown...Read more

FURTHER. FASTER. Podcast. S2 Episode 5 - Montane Dragon's Back

So, we could call this episode a Dragon’s Back Race special. A little ode to a big race - a race big enough to be described as the toughest mountain...Read more

Mark Kerry Dales Highway FKT

During the 6-7 May 2021 Montane Ambassador Mark Kerry set a new Dales Highway FKT of 20hrs 30mins 59secs....Read more

FURTHER. FASTER. Podcast. S2 Episode - 4

For season 2, we've been loosely theming our podcasts and this one has a clear thread. Yes, our two guests are both involved with bouldering what we really wanted to...Read more

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