Trailblazer Packs

Tested by the mountains, mapped to your body.

For spring summer 24, we are excited to unveil our newly redeveloped range of Trailblazer packs. Launched several years ago and building on this backpack's popularity, we've introduced recycled materials throughout, as well as new innovative storage options and a wider range of capacities.

Whether fastpacking on an overnight adventure, hiking to a sunset summit, or taking on a minimalist day mission - these mountain-durable backpacks are an essential companion that can easily adapt to a range of fast and light adventures in the mountains. They're built for more adventures.

Designer Notes

Trailblazer 44

Montane Trailblazer® 32L Backpack

Stone Blue
Stone Blue
Flame Orange
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Trailblazer 32 - Stone Blue
Trailblazer 32 - Stone Blue

100% RECYCLED FABRIC. Lightweight and durable.

The RAPTOR CROSS LITE 70D Nylon outer fabric is 100% recycled and features durable Ripstop. It keeps your equipment dry by using a UTS Polyurethane Composite coating in combination with a PFC-Free DWR coating. The fabric strikes an ideal balance between abrasion resistance and being lightweight enough for fast and light missions.

Trailblazer 30 - Eclipse Blue
Trailblazer 30 - Eclipse Blue

BODY MAPPING. Tailor your fit.

Montane Trailblazer backpacks are mapped to your body thanks to the body-hugging COVALENT harness. This can be easily adapted for a customised fit and works by pulling the pack close to the body using vertical and horizontal compression. The result? Enhanced support and comfort on the move.

Trailblazer 32 - Stone Blue
Trailblazer 32 - Stone Blue

ADJUSTABLE BACK LENGTH. Fully customisable.

The ZephyrAD system enables you to easily adjust the length of your backpack using a simple velcro adjuster. This feature enables you to extend the length of the pack, allowing it to be fully customisable to your frame.

MONTANE T-HOOK. Modular Adaptable Design.

The Montane T-Hook system is a custom design that allows fixing points to be relocated on the pack, and is now seen across the Trailblazer range. The T-Hooks are secured through laser-cut holes to either side of the front panel and have been tested in the mountains to provide maximum adaptability with the minimum weight.

Trailblazer 30 Review - Jenny Tough

"For most fastpackers, faffing on the trail too much is a no-no. Having to stop, remove your pack, and pull out 20 items until you find the one thing you wanted goes entirely against the ethos of fast and light. This is where the outside storage compartments on the Trailblazer sing." Jenny Tough, Trailblazer 30 Review