Meet #TeamMontane

We work with some of the world's leading athletes and outdoor professionals. Each brings a unique specialism to the team, enabling us to thoroughly test our technical kit out on a range of inspiring adventures in challenging environments.

From ultra-endurance athletes regularly pushing their limits on some of the word’s toughest ultra events, to high-altitude mountaineers taking on some of the mightiest mountains on the planet… and those who simply live to champion life in the great outdoors - #TeamMontane is an eclectic bunch of adventurous souls.
Malcolm Bass<span> Mountaineering & Climbing</span>

Malcolm Bass Mountaineering & Climbing

Malcolm has over twenty years of exploratory alpine experience. His passion for climbing has seen him visit the likes of Alaska, China, India and Pakistan. Sadly in 2020, Malcolm suffered a life-changing stroke and is currently on the road to recovery. Despite this Malcolm is providing guidance for future climbers.

In Memory <span>Tom Ballard</span>

In Memory Tom Ballard

Tom was a prolific and talented British Climber, considered one of the best climbers of his generation. Tom had been described as "the bright future of alpinism" by industry heroes Reinhold Messner and Sir Chris Bonington.