Introducing Stefan Kliemann

Stefan Kliemann is a teacher from Berlin with a deep passion of running beyond his comfort zone. Normally found in running shoes on trails all over Europe testing his physical and mental limits. His playground is nature, currently the forest of Berlin. Moreover, he loves to run on top of the mountains, enjoying the peaceful views. Stefan finds inner peace and a strong connection with nature especially through these special runs.

Since 2015, Stefan has been participating in ultrarunning events and has set his own challenges during the pandemic. He enjoys racing solo as well as with friends from his community at home or at trail events. Stefan's love for running and the outdoors is evident in his desire to share his experiences with others. He believes in the growing joy and connection that comes from running together. Therefore, he is highly active in the trail running community in Berlin and founded the Berlin Trail Festival as a platform to connect people, grow the community and run in the environment we all love and care for.
Key Achievements

Key Achievements

Zugspitz Ultratrail XL (GER) - 83km - 21th

Lavaredo Ultratrail (ITA) - 120km

100km (GER) on his own supported by friends during Corona Pandemic

Adidas Infinite Trails (AUT) relay race with friends

KoBoLT (GER) - 140km | TDS by UTMB (FRA) - Finish in 28 hours. Longest time on foot so far.

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- Stefan Kliemann

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