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Podcast: An interview with Alpinist Graham Zimmerman

Don’t miss our latest podcast, your chance to hear from Graham Zimmerman - an experienced high altitude mountain climber with a passion for protecting the planet for future generations. ...Read more

An Ode to the Outdoors

Our collective love for the outdoors brings us together. The reasons for why we love it sets us apart. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we asked the Montane community to...Read more

Athlete Q&A: Arctic Spine Race

Having completed both the Yukon and Lapland races in recent years, endurance racer Kevin Leahy has now set his sights on taking on the new Arctic Spine Race in Sweden…...Read more

7 arctic essentials for cold adventures

At Montane, we’ve developed outdoor clothing that performs extremely well in sub-zero temperatures. From the coldest ultra on the planet to adventures on frozen continents, discover the ultimate arctic adventure...Read more

Podcast: The World's Coldest Ultra Race

Tune in for our latest podcast, inspired by the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, the world's coldest ultra run. Your chance to hear from Irish runner, Kevin Leahy who is returning to give the notoriously challenging...Read more

10 Winter Hiking Tips

When the days get colder, often our motivation for exploring the outdoors gets lower. Luckily, the #MyMontane community know a thing or two about keeping spirits up throughout winter. Discover...Read more

Podcast: Hear from the winter Spine Race winners

What does it feel like to have just crossed the finish line of Britain's most brutal ultra run? Find out in our latest podcast where we talk to the big winners...Read more

Expert advice for winter running

Looking for motivation to help keep you running this season? From the right kit to keep you warm and protected, to essential advice from our ultra-running pros, we’ve got it...Read more

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